Prepress services

Prepress services cover the stages of work, ranging from the idea of design, the preparation of textual information, graphic originals and graphics to the production of finished printed forms that are used to print copies.

We offer our customers a full range of prepress work: design development of the original layout, simple completion of layouts to the technical requirements of our printing house, layout, scanning, retouching, color editing, etc.

Original layout design
Print Media offers you design development services for any printing products. Our designers will help you prepare for exhibitions, presentations and other promotional events at the highest level. They have extensive experience in the printing industry, which positively affects the solution of creative tasks set by customers. We value our customers, and therefore we try to give an individual approach to each client.

Our company represents the following design services:
Development of one-pagers and multi-page products:
Design of catalogs (cover, strip template), scanning of images and photographs, complex retouching of pictures, preparation and outline of diagrams and drawings, layout of a printing catalog of any level of complexity and full prepress preparation.

Create calendars - selection of images in photobanks, design of any calendars, layout of calendar blocks, preparation of drawings and illustrations.

Booklet Design - work with photographs and illustrative material, design, layout.

development of an advertising concept, advertising design of banners for an exhibition and poster design, design development for billboards of the most common 3x6 meters, and large formats. Development of layouts for newspapers, brochures, folders, packages, postcards, business cards, logos and many other products needed for printing.

Layout The process of typesetting in the printing industry is the compilation of the appearance of printed pages, whether it be the pages of newspapers, magazines or advertising booklets. Using special software, the typesetter collects available text, photographs, and design elements on a computer screen.
At the end of the layout, the following important indicators of the publication are determined: the number of pages, the location of the title elements, headings, graphic elements, and illustrations, the number of lines on the page, the sizes of indents, spaces and much more.
The main purpose of the layout is to create such a publication that is primarily convenient to read and perceive the text placed in the book, the pages are designed in the necessary proportions, and the structure of the text is logically indicated. When issuing the publication, technical and style uniformity must be observed and the artistic integrity of the finished product must be preserved. In addition, each page should correspond both to the content of the publication and to the principle of its general construction.

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