Offset printing

Offset is mainly used for the production of large print runs. This is due to the peculiarities of production technology, since the equipment is designed for a certain minimum print volume. If you use equipment for printing runs less than this minimum, the amount of supplies will be the same as for the minimum print volume. Therefore, the price of one copy will increase. The minimum print run for offset printing is 500 copies.

In the production of a large circulation of products, offset technology allows you to print an order faster than other types of printing. Full-color brochures, booklets, stickers, invitations, calendars, posters, labels, as well as just large print runs - all this is an offset printing area.

Offset printing today is the most popular type of printing for the manufacture of printing products. Why exactly offset has gained such popularity? First of all, because in terms of price / quality ratio it has no equal today. Compared to other types of printing, offset printing provides excellent clarity and brightness of the manufactured products. Offset printing allows you to expand the printing capabilities of order execution. First of all, it is a high-quality transmission of all colors (CMYK) and halftones (Panton), printing with metallic inks, bronzing with metal powders, etc. The preparatory phase of the offset edition includes several processes (the original layout is mounted on a computer in electronic form, then displayed in the form of photoforms, the next stage is their illumination and adjustment of the equipment to the manufactured form). The cost of preparatory work is transferred to the entire order of circulation, the larger the number of final products, the lower the cost accordingly.

We offer you a wide selection of various materials and paper and provide high-quality post-processing services: embossing, foiling, relief stamping, various types of binding, lamination, and many others that give printed products strength and a unique look.

Advantages of offset printing:

High quality printed materials

Ability to use paper of different density from 80 to 300 g / m2

Optimum price / quality ratio for medium and large runs

Convenient to use offset for printing repeated advertising materials

The ability to use different techniques to improve the appearance and personality of the order.

Disadvantages of offset printing: It is not possible to complete a rush order, for example, within a few hours. In the manufacture of small or one-time runs increases the cost of production. The cost of offset printing depends on the type and size of paper, color, print run volume and type of printing (single-sided or double-sided).

Our equipment: “Heidelberg” is a large German concern, a world leader in the production of printing equipment.

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